Services or Characteristics of Light My Safe Lighting gun safes and vaults

Our company fits all safes and vaults. The company has been lighting gun safes and vaults out of 2009. We have never undergone a vault, which our superior light system neglected to install. This consists of vaults with safes and hinges . We manufacture the thinnest lights from the industry that you can alcove them out of sight at the rear of the door frame. They are more proficient than they come out of a secure factory.

Our Lifetime Warranty put on directly to led vault lights, which have been designed and collect in the U.S.A. by Light My Safe. This consists of Ultra-Bright, Ultra-SeriesAmerican and American Tactical 20-inch L.E.D.s Lights. Five Years is relevant to goods, which carry the Light My Safe branded mark. The goods ha D/C Battery Boxes, Motion Sensors, and A/C Adapters. Light My Safe gifts guarantee policy to suitable products from imperfection in materials or craft when utilized under ordinary in-service requirements for the time given or as long as the original buyer owns the gear. There’s not any warranty to goods that were altered or inappropriately operated.

We’ve got theft and fire replacement services. Light My Safe, LLC will swap any light kit which was spoiled by fire or stolen by forced entrance owing to an illegal effort for the lifetime of the original buyer. The accountability of Light My Safe, LLC inside this warranty is limited to surrogate or repair of the damaged component at the prudence of Light My Safe, LLC.

The benefits of our lightings are pencil-thin 12mm outer diameter fits without bending bolt obstruction. Angle alterations are allowed by jeweller tubing. Each light is wired individually with plugs. They have 525 lumens flux per mild, and 6500k trendy white L.E.D.’s jeweller tubes are finished with optical-grade polycarbonate. Lights are sent with film and have a lifetime guarantee.

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