Choro Music for Children

Please note that your children will be able to enjoy the Brazilian rythm and music in the Choro style during the festival on Saturday morning 11:30, 24th May.

Our Production Team

Meet us the team of the festival. Directors and founders soprano Annette Celine and Avigail Arnheim, former director of the music programs at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; The producer Liz Silman who joined us last year came with new energies straight from Berlin. Victoria Sklema who is in charge of all elements of the production gave birth to Micahel and will join us 2 months before the festival. Idit Bigel who is in charge of the artistic production, just moved to her new beautiful house in the Sharon area. You can see her and listen to her singing at the New Israeli Vocal Ensemble concerts.


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    With thanks to Foundations and Institutes:

    The 10th Felicja Blumental International Music Festival
    19-24 May 2008 – the Felicja Blumental Centenary (1908-2008)

    Colages made by Annette Celine and Shimon Mizrahy | Paintings made by Felicja Blumental

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